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MA-101 Ceramic Detailing Spray Detailer Combo


One application of this long lasting and extremely durable product will give your vehicle a mirror-like shine, and add a layer of ceramic coating for protection.

It's like having an invisible force field around your car which repels dirt, bugs, grime and liquids so that your car will stay clean and polished.


Since there's already a protective hydrophobic barrier, all you need is a quick wash and your vehicle will be sparkling clean again.

MA-101 works by applying an advanced ceramic coating (the type that professional detailers use) around the paintwork of your car.

This seals the paint and creates a hydrophobic surface which will repel unwanted dirt and liquids for weeks to months. Not to mention, it gives the surface of your vehicle a mirror-like finish. 

  • Long lasting protection gives Mirror-like finish
  • Repels dirt, bugs and liquids for up to 3-6 months. 
  • Easy to use - Spray on/wipe off application
  • Trusted by professional detailers around Australia
  • One bottle will provide a year of protection


Try this product 100% RISK FREE with our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

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1. Shake the bottle to activate then spray a light coat on a small section of your vehicle

2. Using a BlackHawk microfibre towel, gently rub the formula in a circular motion

3. Buff the formula until it is no longer visible and the surface of the paintwork feels glossy


  • Always read the can for full instructions before use
  • Wash vehicle before applying MA-101
  • Do not spray on hot surfaces
  • Use in a shaded area
  • Always use the right tools for the job such as the BlackHawk microfibre cloth

For years, it has been such a big and costly process to simply clean your car at home with absolute quality. Going to a detailing shop for a premium service can cost $1,000 or more. That is why we have created a range of lab tested products to quickly, powerfully and affordably clean, shine and protect your vehicle from home.

BlackHawk Car Care was founded by a group of obsessed car enthusiasts. We're the type of people who whenever we see a cool whip, our jaws drop, and we stop whatever we're doing to take a photo. That's right, we're just like you. We felt as if there were no quality detailing products that were made for us, who simply wanted to have incredible looking rides without breaking the bank! We wasted lots of money trying endless products that over-promise and under-deliver. You end up with paintwork in worse condition than when you started.

The fact is, when we started out, we wasted money on useless products too.

We bought everything that promised the moon, but all we ended up with was a bunch of half-empty bottles clogging up our garage. That’s why, 5 years ago, we decided to invest in research and development to create the ultimate solutions for the car detailing industry 

Each time we had a product ready, we put it through its paces in rigorous testing by professional detailers. With all the feedback we got, we tweaked the formulas to achieve the best results possible. 

That's why we are proud to announce that each of our products is backed with a 30 day 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. Just let us know, and we'll give you a full refund no questions asked. 

Three 250ml bottles of MA-101. This can easily handle 6-7 applications, and will last you anywhere between 3 months to 1 year of regular use depending on surface area cleaned or size of vehicle.

Q1: What is the difference between regular car wax and MA-101 Ceramic Detailing Spray?

A1: MA-101 Ceramic Detailing Spray does not contain waxes or water-based silicone, like most other similar products. MA-101 contains a special blend of a ceramic/ silica solution that leaves a very clean, sealed and protected surface. This is a powerful 2-in-one product; a paint sealant and silica maintenance spray combined into one powerful detailing product. When it comes to cleaning and surface protection, traditional quick detailers, waxes and silicone sealants cannot compare. MA-101’s superior cleaning and surface protection capabilities are the most versatile detailing product on the market

Q2: How does MA-101 Ceramic Detailing Spray shine and protect your vehicle?

A2: MA-101 Ceramic Detailing Spray leaves a thin layer of ceramic coating on your vehicle’s exterior. Seals and protects your vehicle from UV rays, pollution, oil, grease, dirt and other contaminants. Prevents mud and dirt embedding into your paint, making the cleaning process effortless.

Q3: How is MA-101 Ceramic Detailing Spray different from the other popular detailing brands?

A3: MA-101 Ceramic Detailing Spray is a part of a new generation of detailing and cleaning products that use ceramic and nano technologies to achieve incredible levels of protection and shine that is not available in other popular detailing products. The long-lasting protection of MA-101 and product performance is measured in terms of months, not weeks.

Q4: Are there any risk of creating scratches or swirls on the paint by using MA-101 Ceramic Detailing Spray?

A4: Not when used as directed. MA-101 Ceramic Detailing Spray dissolves dirt and grime on contact and lifts it away from the vehicle’s surface without scratching or creating swirl marks. If your car is soiled, muddy or sandy, we recommend washing it first before you apply MA-101 Ceramic Detailing Spray.

Q5: Does MA-101 Ceramic Detailing Spray affect the paint of the vehicle?

A5: Yes, MA-101 Ceramic Detailing Spray works to shine, seal and protect the paint for the long term, thus making the surface very slick, hydrophobic and UV protected. It creates an easy to maintain slick surface that sheets off water and looks amazing. This is very easy way for virtually anyone to maintain a classic car or a daily-driver.

Q6: On what surfaces can I use MA-101 Ceramic Detailing Spray?

A6: Use MA-101 Ceramic Detailing Spray on the solid surfaces, like paint, stainless steel, chrome and plastic. Typically used on cars, trucks, motorcycles, RVs and boats. Create a clean surface, with superior protection and a brilliant shine on almost any solid vehicle surface inside, outside, in the sun, in the shade, in a hot or cold climate.

Q7: How often should I use MA-101 Ceramic Detailing Spray on my car?

A7: Protection can last up to 3-6 months, but when you notice water doesn’t bead on the surface, it will need to be re-applied soon. For optimal protection and a continuous glossy finish, MA-101 can be used weekly or monthly.

Q8: Can MA-101 Ceramic Detailing Spray be applied in direct sunlight or on hot surfaces?

A8: MA-101 Ceramic Detailing Spray can be applied in direct sunlight and in hot climates. However, for best results, we recommend that you apply the product in the shade and to a cool surface (ambient temperature or less). This may mean early-morning or late-afternoon application or possibly indoors in a garage. It will all depend on your conditions and what is available at the time.

Q9: Does MA-101 Ceramic Detailing Spray protect against sunlight, hard water, and other potential environmental damage?

A9: MA-101 Ceramic Detailing Spray shines, seals and protects using a very light solution of ceramic coating. This creates a very slick and hydrophobic surface that protects and repels dirt and rain water with ease. the vehicle will eventually get dirty, if not cleaned on a regular basis. MA-101 protects from harmful UV rays, pollution, water spots, bug or bird droppings and road grime, but it will not totally eliminate these from sticking to or harming your vehicle’s surface. The best way is to remove any hard water, bug or bird droppings right away. The product won't fully repel dust, pollen and other tiny airborne contaminants, but MA-101 makes cleaning them off much easier and faster.

Q10: There are some feather and swirl-like scratches on my car. Will MA-101 Ceramic Detailing Spray remove them?

A10: No. This is a cleaning, sealing and protection product. Please consult with a professional Detailer for paint correction services. Using MA-101 Ceramic Detailing Spray will protect your vehicle from further damage and bring less attention to any current imperfections already present in your car’s finish.

Q11: How long does a MA-101 Ceramic Detailing Spray application typically last?

A11: 1 month, 3 months up to 6 months. There are a number of factors that determine how long a MA-101 Ceramic Detailing Spray coating will last. Depending on environmental factors (where you live, park and drive, etc.) the protective coating can last for up to 3-6 months. For daily drivers or cars that see more highway and city driving, we recommend applying the product at least once per month to protect your vehicle. However, for the best-possible shine and protection, we recommend weekly application.

Q12: Do I still need to wash my car?

Driving outside will always make your car vulnerable to the elements. Using MA-101 ensures that when it does need a wash, it will be almost effortless, as heavy deposits have been prevented from adhering to your vehicles surface, and will easily wash away with a simple rinse.


Customer Reviews

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Ashley Edmonds

Makes the water bead and easy to wash great stuff

Mike Anderson
WOW!!!! Absolutely Outstanding

I have finally found an aussie made product that performs a cut above all the rest.I have always had my cars teflon coated.That's definately in the past.I'm a full supporter of BlackHawk Car care products.Ryan is easy to deal with and any questions you fire at him he then gives you the truth.You have my vote Buddy.