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Iron Arm Wheel Cleaner


Its unique formula is designed to break down iron contaminants found in brake dust, and decontaminates your wheels and bodywork. 


IF LEFT UNTOUCHED, it can start eating away at the wheel can cause permanent damage such as pitting or clear coat failing.

Once that happens, the wheels can start to rust and start looking like an old crusty cooking pan. 

Fortunately, Iron Arm is designed to chemically react to these iron particles and dissolve them. Once the product comes into contact with iron particles, the liquid will turn to a deep purple colour, which means it is reacting with the iron contamination. 

Unlike other wheel cleaners, Iron Arm's formula is acid-free and Ph balanced, so it's SAFE ON ALL TYPES OF WHEELS. Making it tough of road grime and brake dust, not on your wheels or brake components. 

  • Dissolves brake dust on impact
  • Easy to use - Just spray, rinse and dry
  • Trusted by professional detailers around Australia
  • One bottle will provide 10 applications


Order Iron Arm now, which is designed to restore your wheels and paintwork to pristine condition.

Then, as soon as it arrives, try it out. Stand back and take a close look at the amazing transformation you will see after using it!

After that, if you are not 100% satisfied, simply send back the product container within 30 days of your shipment and we'll see that you get a refund, with no questions asked.

Click the add to cart button to get started and change the way your wheels look, for the better. You have nothing to lose except the road grime and brake dust.

Try this product 100% RISK FREE with our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

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1. Shake well and spray/apply Iron Arm to a cool surface and wait approx 5 minutes for the product to work on the wheel or body surfaces.

2. As the product starts to work you will see the Iron Arm formula reacting with the iron contaminants by the product running from the surface in a purple colour. 

3. Use a brush to agitate the dirt and spread the formula to help it work

4. Rinse the surface clean to reveal a clean and contaminant free surface!


  • Always read the can for full instructions before use
  • Do not spray on hot surfaces
  • If the surface is heavily contaminated, use 2 applications
  • You can agitate the product with a microfibre towel on bodywork or with a brush for wheels

For years, it has been such a big and costly process to simply clean your car at home with absolute quality. Going to a detailing shop for a premium service can cost $1,000 or more. That is why we have created a range of lab tested products to quickly, powerfully and affordably clean, shine and protect your vehicle from home.

BlackHawk Car Care was founded by a group of obsessed car enthusiasts. We're the type of people who whenever we see a cool whip, our jaws drop, and we stop whatever we're doing to take a photo. That's right, we're just like you. We felt as if there were no quality detailing products that were made for us, who simply wanted to have incredible looking rides without breaking the bank! We wasted lots of money trying endless products that over-promise and under-deliver. You end up with paintwork in worse condition than when you started.

The fact is, when we started out, we wasted money on useless products too.

We bought everything that promised the moon, but all we ended up with was a bunch of half-empty bottles clogging up our garage. That’s why, 5 years ago, we decided to invest in research and development to create the ultimate solutions for the car detailing industry

1. We wanted to make sure we got rid of harsh detergents that damage your paint, so we developed Blizzard Snow Foam Detergent using a pH neutral formula. 

2. We needed to ensure that ferrous materials could be obliterated from your wheels and body, so we spent 18 months perfecting Iron Arm Wheel Cleaner, our premium brake dust remover.

3. Finally, we wanted to ensure that your car surface was protected for up to 6 months, so we consulted with global experts to lab-test and produce MA-101 Ceramic Detailing Spray, unrivalled ceramic shine and protection spray

The result is an outstanding range of car detailing products to make your car stand-out.

We didn’t just test it ourselves. 

Each time we had a product ready, we put it through its paces in rigorous testing by professional detailers. With all the feedback we got, we tweaked the formulas to achieve the best results possible. 

That's why we are proud to announce that each of our products is backed with a 30 day 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. Just let us know, and we'll give you a full refund no questions asked. 

One 500ml bottle of Iron Arm.
 This can easily handle 9-10 applications and will last you anywhere between 1 month to 1 year of regular use depending on the frequency of use and whether it's applied on wheels or bodywork. 

Q1: What is the difference between regular wheel cleaners and Iron Arm Wheel Cleaner?

A1: If Brake Dust is left untouched on your wheels, it can begin to damage and rust your wheels. Most wheel cleaners are designed to clean the surface of your wheels but aren't designed to remove the embedded brake dust on the wheels. Iron Arm Wheel Cleaner is specifically designed to dissolve the iron contaminants found in brake dust, which is something very few products do.

Q2: How does Iron Arm Wheel Cleaner Dissolve Brake Dust?

A2: Iron Arm’s unique formula creates a bond with ferrous particles from brake dust and transforms the molecules into a water-soluble complex for easy removal. 

Q3: How is Iron Arm Wheel Cleaner different from the other popular wheel cleaners?

A3: Most wheel cleaners which claim to be "powerful" are made of an acidic or alkaline based formula. However, both acid or alkaline based wheel cleaners should only be used on certain types of wheels, and should not be used often as they are likely to damage your wheels with regular use. Iron Arm is Ph neutral, so it is safe for ALL types of wheels without sacrificing performance. 

Q4: Are there any risk of damaging the paintwork or wheels when using Iron Arm Wheel Cleaner?

A4: Not when used as directed. Since Iron Arm's formula is completely ph neutral, there are no acidic elements that can harm the paintwork or wheel surfaces. As long as the vehicle is cool and out of direct sunlight, Iron Arm can easily be rinsed away.

Q5: On what surfaces can I use Iron Arm Wheel Cleaner?

A5: While it is called a wheel cleaner, we actually recommend you use it on your vehicle's body as well to remove any iron contaminants from the paintwork before washing it. However, it is advised to not use it on rubber seals as over time this can break down the rubber. If used on rubber seals, just wash it away. 

Q6: Is hard brushing required?

A6: If the vehicle is heavily soiled, we recommend aggravating the deposits with a wheel woolly for wheels or clay bar for the paintwork.

Q7: How often should I use Iron Arm to clean my wheels?

A7: While there's no rule, generally we clean our wheels whenever we wash our car to maintain clean and polished wheels. Since the formula is Ph neutral, it is safe to use the product regularly. 

Q8: Why is there a particular odour?

A8: We wanted to provide the best product for our customers, so we chose to develop a ph neutral formula that’s environmentally friendly. Harsh chemicals could hide the smell, but that would create an inferior product. A peculiar odour is a small price to pay for a non-acidic supreme cleaning solution. 

Q9: How long will the bottle last?

A9: One bottle lasts about 9-10 applications, which depending on use will last you anywhere between 1 month to 1 year. 

Q10: Do you have any guarantees?

A10: Yes, try it for 30 days and if you don't like it, then return it for a full refund no questions asked. 


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