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MA-101 is the MOST powerful way to protect and shine the surface of your vehicle. It is the perfect blend of surfactants and Si02 ceramic coating science.

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- Bonnie Millard

Get That Showroom Shine With

The MOST Powerful Way To Protect Your Car's Paintwork

Recommended by Australia's Top Detailers

 Universal cleaner for wheels and body

 Dissolves brake dust on impact

 Neutralises ferrous particles

 Essential pre-cleaner for detailing

 Environmentally friendly pH-neutral formula

Protect Your Car With
MA-101 Ceramic Coating

The Advanced Ceramic Spray Dominating The Detailing Industry

  • ------------------
  •  No Water Required
  •  Hydrophobic Properties
  •  20x Stronger than any sealant or wax
  •  Lab tested technology
  • No smearing, streaking or scratching

Keep it Cleaner For Longer.
Results That Last 3-6 Months

Get that showroom shine in just 3 easy steps


Shake the can to activate and then spray a light coat on a small section


Using a BlackHawk microfibre towel, gently rub the formula in a circular motion


Buff the formula until it is no longer visible and the surface of the paintwork feels glossy

Si02 Ceramic Technology

MA-101’s unique Si02 ceramic coating formula, provides unrivalled surface protection. Designed to protect your vehicle from UV rays, pollution, oil, grease, grime and other contaminants. Hydrophobic properties take self-cleaning to another level, as mud, dirt and bug splatter can no longer adhere to the surface.

Full Protection in 20 Minutes

With MA-101, it couldn’t be easier to protect your vehicle from the harsh environment. Simply spray on, then wipe off! Leaves your car with a smooth, glossy finish that shines better and lasts longer than traditional waxes or sealants. Prevents heavy deposits embedding in paintwork, resulting in effortless cleaning.

Unbeatable Value

Available in a 250ml bottle, MA-101 protects your vehicle’s paint, wheels and plastics for up to 6 months. Exceptional value is supplied from just one bottle, containing up to 7 applications for an average size car. Versatile formula ensures it’s also perfect to use on motorbikes and watercraft.

Tips For Using MA-101

• Always read the can for full instructions before use

• Wash off any excess dirt

• Do not spray on hot surfaces

• Use in a shaded area

•Always use the right tools for the job such as the BlackHawk Microfibre cloth

"Great product that works as expected, thanks heaps"
- Harry Seaton

Used By Professionals

We make sure that our products are tested and approved by professional automotive detailers, who personally endorse and use our products for their customers.


"We've tried lots of different products for detailing, but BlackHawk car care's products are by far the best. We've had a great experience with them and our customers love it"
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MA-101 is the MOST powerful way to protect and shine the surface of your vehicle. It is the perfect blend of surfactants and Si02 ceramic coating science.  


1 Bottle

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1 Bottle + Microfiber Cloth Kit

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Our Promise To You.


At Black Hawk Car Care, our goal is to provide top-quality detailing products.

We stand behind our products with confidence, as our main priority has, and always will be, to provide exceptional quality and value.

Our products are designed to exceed your expectations.

But, if for any reason you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, return the item within 30 days and we will issue a refund, no questions asked!


Frequently Asked Questions

What does MA-101 mean?

It stands for Maintenance 101. MA-101 ceramic infused spray is designed to maintain and prolong the life of your vehicle’s exterior.

How does it work?

MA-101 leaves a thin layer of ceramic coating on your vehicle’s exterior. Seals and protects your vehicle from UV rays, pollution, oil, grease, dirt and other contaminants. Prevents mud and dirt embedding into your paint, making the cleaning process effortless.

How long will the protection last?

Lasts up to 6 months, depending on how or where you park your vehicle.

What surfaces can it be applied to?

MA-101’s versatile formula allows it to be applied onto paintwork, plastics and wheels. We don’t recommend using it on windows.

Why do I need to keep my vehicle dry for 24 hours after use?

The blend of Si02 and ceramic ingredients need 24 hours to bond properly to the paintwork. Keeping it dry for 24 hours ensures maximum protection for your vehicle.

How many applications do I get from the 250ml bottle?

Incredibly, you can get up to 7 applications with this bottle of MA-101, depending on your vehicles size.

How often do I need to re-apply?

Protection can last up to 6 months, but when you notice water doesn’t bead on the surface, it will need to be re-applied soon. For optimal protection and a continuous glossy finish, MA-101 can be used weekly or monthly.

Do I still need to wash my car?

Driving outside will always make your car vulnerable to the elements. Using MA-101 ensures that when it does need a wash, it will be almost effortless, as heavy deposits have been prevented from adhering to your vehicles surface, and will easily wash away.

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