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This towel makes drying your car super easy

After washing your car, you will dry your car in no time with the BlackHawk Deluxe Microfibre Drying Towel. Throw away your chamois and use this instead. However, you will need to buy 2 of these towels to properly dry your car. I find when using the towel on my BMW M2 that the towel gets very wet when I've only gone over about half the car with the towel...the towel won't properly soak up water after that. Don't let that put you off though. This towel is a great product.

Makes the water bead and easy to wash great stuff

Superb product

Easy to use and a little goes a long way.

The Hockenheim Silver paint on my BMW M2 Competition now looks even better due to this product.

Great use it all the time

I have two towels and use them both

Fantastic Products

All your products are so easy to use it makes life a breeze

Brilliant Stuff!

I will not use anything else on my cars. The ceramic detailing spray is just brilliant!

Blizzard Snow Foam Detergent
Brian and Diana Trinder
Perfect Results on the 'Fleet'

With 4 road cars in the 'fleet', the snow foam lets me do a perfect, touch free clean, nice and quick every time.

Iron Arm Wheel Cleaner
Brian and Diana Trinder
Perfect Results on the 'Fleet'

The Iron Arm Wheel Cleaner is part of my stock of Blackhawk Car Care products and gives me a great job every time on all the family fleet.

Perfect Results on the 'Fleet'

This is Towel #3 as I found when I had to wash all our 'fleet' (4 cars, incl the 'Super size' Maloo, that I really needed the extra towel. Results are always great.

MA-101 Ceramic Detailing Spray + Microfiber Cloth Combo

Great results

Easy to apply
Fantastic finish great results

Such a great product!

I got this through a friend that is a detailer, and man, it made my paint look new, was so smooth and shiney! Also being a spray, it was so easy to apply to the car. Definitely turning into my go to for glossiness and for the satisfaction of water beading!😁

Perfect Result on Son's Sabaru!

Used the Snow Foam detergent on my son's Sabaru, great result and followed it up with the Blackhawk ceramic polish. Result, on a 6 year old SUV, was to bring to the paintwork back to showroom standard.

Way better than expected

Absolutely blown away with the quality and ease of use. Literally spray, wipe, buff in. Leave to dry. Then water beading 🀀.

Received my Black Hawk package, haven’t had an opportunity to use as yet. Will review and comment when the weather improves in Hobart Tas



Great drying towel

So easy to use and does an excellent job, better than a chamois

Excellent product

Cars have never looked so good, thanks

The Ultimate Care Package


WOW!!!! Absolutely Outstanding

I have finally found an aussie made product that performs a cut above all the rest.I have always had my cars teflon coated.That's definately in the past.I'm a full supporter of BlackHawk Car care products.Ryan is easy to deal with and any questions you fire at him he then gives you the truth.You have my vote Buddy.


Car came up nice and shiny but after 2 days could see dust gathering and after a light rain car was quite dirty then heavy rain washed most of it off.Even when dirty car still has bit of a shine.

MA-101 Ceramic Detailing Spray Combo

Item arrived promptly.
Product is very easy to apply.
Really bought my car which is now 10 years old up to a very glossy looking in a mirror.
I am really impressed with BlackHawk ceramic spray

drying towel

really good for about 2/3 of car did leave some streaks behind probably need 2 of these to do whole car had to use chamois to finish the job.Overall I'm happy with the product as it saved me lots of time drying the car.It does hold a lot of water